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Welcome to Romulus

Mayor's Corner - Alan Lambert

During my campaign, I made a promise to the people to work closely with state and federal agencies for the safety and protection of the City of Romulus.  One of the most immediate opportunities for me to address this was in the area of homeland safety and security.

As a police officer, I have witnessed, firsthand, the importance of emergency preparedness planning, and considers it a top priority.  After little more than a week on the job, I authorized key Romulus public-safety personnel to attend a number of educational seminars.

Romulus Fire Chief David Allison and Emergency Management Coordinator Margaret Leduc attended an instructional program on weapons of mass destruction offered by Wayne Country Emergency Management and Wayne Country Local Emergency Planning on November 28, 2001.  The program consisted of a lecture on WMD that emphasized information on anthrax, Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Postal Service response plans and procedures, and a review of the emergency management system supporting the Wayne Country area.

Community Emergency Management Services, the contract medical emergency transport agency for the city of Romulus, ,presented an information symposium that was attended by Leduc.  The highlights included a review of recommendations from the key governmental agencies, an overview of each local governments response configuration, and a summary of the Community EMS disaster response plan.

Perhaps the most comprehensive overview was a workshop co-hosted by Eastern Michigan University, the Center for Organizational Risk Reduction, and MERC International entitled "Terrorism in the Homeland."  National, state, and local officials joined faculty experts and international terrorism experts, some of whom were personally involved in the aftermath of September 11 and shared strategies for homeland security.  Accompanying the Fire Chief and the Emergency Management Coordinator to the workshop police Chief Charles Kirby, Executive Lieutenants Daryl Poe and James Rafalski, and Officer Tom Ellis.

The events of September 11 have forever changed the way Americans will view safety and security.  From our manufacturing plants to our schools and courthouses, all organizations have a role in terrorism safety and security.  The need for preventative strategies and emergency preparation measures are issues that will be a significant focus for me and the people within my administration.

Thank you,
-Mayor Alan Lambert

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