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Welcome to Romulus

History of Romulus

Settlers began arriving… in what was to become Romulus Township in 1826. Samuel Tobyne was among the first to purchase land, at the cost of $1.25 per acre, in the area one mile south of the Chicago Turnpike (Michigan Ave.) and east of Territorial Road (Henry Ruff). Today, this property is bordered by Van Born to the north and Henry Ruff to the west. Then in 1832, Jenks Pullen moved to the area with the purchase of 200 acre's of property in the area now known as "Five Points", it was originally known as Pullen's Corner. In 1835, the Township of Romulus was sectioned from the Township of Huron.


The name "Romulus"… comes from the story in Greek Mythology of twins "Romulus & Remus", son's of the God of War, Mars. Legend tells the story of these boy's being cast out by their uncle and left to die, only to be found and suckled by a "she-wolf" until humans discovered the babies and raised them as their own. Romulus went on to be credited as the founder of ancient Rome. The name undoubtedly was chosen due to the prevalent population of wolves in this area during the 1800's.


Michigan became…the twenty-sixth state of the Union in 1837. Only two years after achieving statehood, in 1839, the citizens of Romulus Township voted and approved the raising of $200 to construct a 22' X 26" frame schoolhouse to be named District Number 1. Due to increased population in 1876, this schoolhouse was moved to Olive Street to be come Romulus Elementary where it served the district for many years before being updated and rehabilitated to serve the Romulus Police Department. At this time Romulus had 1,700 residents and 640 students. The decision to move the building was made by Superintendent William Whittacre who also served as Romulus Township Supervisor.


Railroads came to Romulus…in 1870 with the construction of the Pere' Marquette (now Norfolk & Southern) rail tracks and was soon followed by the Wabash (now CSXT) railroad in 1880. The arrival of railroads brought new opportunity to the area and a depot and passenger station were constructed at the southwest corner where the two railroads intersect. The depot and station was soon followed by a horse livery stable, a livestock holding and processing center, an icehouse and the Baxter Hotel, which was located on the southwest corner of Shook and Goddard Roads.


More building followed…with the construction of a new Post Office, General Store and a lumberyard by S. R. Kingsley in 1902. Civil War veteran Peter C. Bird established the first bank in Romulus in 1905 just east of where Romulus Hardware stands today. Then in 1914, the Grange Hall was constructed at the northeast corner of Sterling and Goddard. The hall was the scene of box socials, Memorial Day events, dances, dramatic plays and other community social activities until 1931 when it became home to Township offices. Grange Hall continued to serve the community in that capacity until 1970 when the present City Hall was dedicated.

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