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Latest News Headlines:

Welcome to Romulus

Business Incentives

Metro Airport Center Numerous business tax and incentive programs are available to make locating in Romulus even more desirable.

Loan Funds

Wayne County offers micro loans to small businesses. City CDBG funds can be used to leverage and support other loans.

Industrial Development Bonds

Tax exempt industrial bonds are available to finance the purchase and construction of manufacturing equipment and buildings. Typical projects equal $1 million dollars and greater.

Brownfield Redevelopment Act

Under Michigan P.A. 381 of 1996, tax increment funds can be made available to clean-up and reuse eligible contaminated sites. Eligible projects may be further enhanced with up to $1 million in Single Business Tax credits.

Local Economic Development Authorities

Nelms Technology Tax Increment Finance Authority.
Downtown Development Authority.
Economic Development Corporation.

Tax Climate

  • Romulus has no local sales or income taxes.
  • Michigan's Single Business Tax is only 2.3%, a predictable expense.
  • Many small businesses are exempt from the Single Business Tax.
  • Nearly 100,000 jobs were created by Michigan employers in 1996 thanks to 21 tax cuts that saved $2 billion.
  • Property taxes in Michigan are 9% below the U.S. average.
  • Annual property tax assessment increases are capped at 5% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.
  • In the past five years, Michigan has created more new jobs than any other Great Lake State.

    Property Tax

  • Michigan uses a state and local levying system for property taxes. The taxable value of property is 50% of the current market value.
  • Both real and personal property are subject to taxation.
    Sources: Wayne County Department of Planning and Development and the Michigan Department of Managment and Budget, 1997

    Customized Job Training

    The State of Michigan provides job training grants to both existing and new business owners. Employer needs are identified and both grants and loans are structured to provide for customized training.

    Nearby highly-regarded institutions of higher education offer a range of education and training programs which can be customized to meet specific business needs. These include:

  • University of Michigan - Dearborn and Ann Arbor
  • Wayne State University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Detroit College of Business

    Workers' Compensation

    From 1984 to 1993, Michigan's workers' compensation insurance rate increases were among the lowest in the nation. Further, Michigan's open competitive system allows employers to shop for the least expensive insurance carrier.

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